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COVID-19 Update:  Please know that Fear Nothing Coaching is remaining open and will continue to work with clients through this time. Technology allows me to work with clients virtually in a way that keeps both myself and my clients safe. I consider it my privilege to be available, offer support & a safe place to connect during these challenging times.

Coaching Services


Adult or Adolescant/Teen

We offer coaching for individuals in many flexible formats. From in-person, phone and video chat sessions in 60-minute increments depending on your schedule, and needs. Our flexible offerings can work with any individual. 


Family or Couples

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Take time to heal and connect.   We are designed to support and receive support.  Take time to bridge the gap of where you are and where you want to be. Convenient options offered in groups of 2.


Business Owners & C-Suite Executives

Specialized coaching for C-Suite executives and business owners as they balance a fast-paced and multiple competing priorities.  Create a healthy, thriving culture professionally, relationally, personally, and spiritually.

Part of the journey is realizing that you need to spend time and attention on yourself.


Coaching approaches people's struggles, challenges, and problems with a more intimate connection. Coaching honors that you have a strong platform to work from and that you may not be in need of a diagnosis.  The coaching-client relationship is one that honors that you will be changed, as well as the coach.  As a result, some of our clients have expressed that coaching feels less sterile than therapy was for them in the past.

Easy and Convenient

Fits into any schedule. Stay in the comfort of your home or office. Seen or unseen.


We heal in relation to others, not in isolation.


Personal, professional, relational and/or spiritual turbulence that is draining your life.


Emptiness and lack of meaning and satisfaction with yourself and others.

Great Life

You deserve a great life! Give it to yourself.


Something is missing in my life.




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